High-quality raw materials and ingredients

ALFFOOD works as an sales organisation for leading producers all over the world in their sales of food ingredeints to pimary the Nordic and Baltic market. Intead of producers having their own sales representatives locally they let us take care of that side of things. So we bring and add extra value to the delivery supply chain, while at the same time being the link to the global network which is the key to successes – Global but local.

Onions, tomatoes, herbs, vegetables, mustard seeds, flavours are examples of the raw materials we often delivery to the firms we work with. More recently we have also registered a considerable increase in the demand for flavours. We work continuously to expand our portfolio of clients and food ingredients, but what is important is that they fit into what our partners works with. We always put quality before quantity, which puts apart from many of our competitors.

of products

ALFFOOD can also help to develope completely new products – from ideas to flavours.